Dixn Riah

DIXN RIAH is a C64 group, created in the late 1980's by KME and Pingo.
It wasn't until 1998 that the group released anything real, official. The first release was the CheTro - a simple intro based on a Che Guevara picture created by Pingo. Much of the code was done by KME. The intro, however, has since been lost.

During the 2000's, a few small releases have been done under the flag of Dixn Riah. Mostly, this has been small SID:s and graphics created by Pingo. A few games has also been released.

In 2012 Pingo released  - together with a lot of help from Richard/TND and GOTO80 - the SEUCK Sideways game Evil Wizard 2 (though, officially not a Dixn Riah release):


Evil Wizard 2
SEUCK Release, Evil Wizard II

Monty Python's Holy Grail [SID]
C64.sk Cover Compo #2: Holy Grail

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